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I Help with My T-shirt and You?



I Help with My T-shirt and You?

To mark the European Year 2012 and as part of its continuing commitment to the community, the Porto Branch of the Portuguese Red Cross launched the "I Help with My T-Shirt and You?" campaign in April 2012.

The initiative's aim was to celebrate sharing and strengthen intergenerational relationships by involving the whole community. The Red Cross' Porto Delegation established goals to raise awareness about autonomous and active ageing, as well as alerting the need for younger generations to get more in touch with older people. 

The challenge of creating the Red Cross Solidarity T-Shirts was given to renowned fashion designers Anabela Baldaque, Miguel Vieira and Nuno Gama.

Along with an informative brochure explaining the campaign’s concept and purpose, each T-Shirt pack cost €10 and included several items: the t-shirt designed by the selected fashion designer, surprises by OLÁ, a treatment voucher from Clínicas Bodyscience and a TMN phone card giving access to the "I Help with My T-Shirt and You?" campaign closing concert held in October 2012.

Organizator: Red Cross - Porto Delegation

The Portuguese Red Cross Delegation of Porto works to support people who, in one way or another, are exposed to conditions that threaten their survival, and holds human dignity as one of its main premises.

Spletišče: http://www.facebook.com/ihelpwithmytshirtandyou
Kontakt: dporto@cruzvermelha.org.pt