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Intergenerational Voluntary Solidarity Photography


Portugal / Lisboa(Portugal)

GRACE is a Portuguese non-profit organisation whose aim is to encourage corporations to participate in the social context in which they operate. The aim of GRACE's solidarity photography initiative is to promote meetings between GRACE's partner corporations and the Portuguese senior population. Asked to share their lives, memories, experiences and realities, the project looks to highlight the value of senior participants, and present them in a dignified manner.  

Actions take place through interaction in the street or in institutions. Volunteers are the vehicle of communication and use cameras to photograph seniors speaking of their situations or experiences, may they be positive or negative. Senior volunteers are also involved in the project. As far as possible, participants are involved in setting up their own photo shoots so that locations and props are relevant to their own selves.

In the context of the European Year 2012, these actions are taking place at national level throughout the year.

Organizator: GRACE – Grupo de Reflexão e Apoio à Cidadania Empresarial

GRACE (Corporate Citizenship Discussion and Support Group) is a nonprofit organization whose goal is to reinforce the role of the corporate sector in social development. GRACE is primarily targeted at companies with over 90 employees in various sectors and aims to stimulate the interaction between its associate companies, through reflection, promotion and development of initiatives for corporate social responsibility. 

Kontakt: Maria João Simões de Almeida : mjalmeida@grace.pt