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Senior Urban and Rural Environmentalists (SURE)

Poland Poland

Poland / Italy

Senior Urban and Rural Environmentalists & #40;SURE& #41;

The aim of the SURE project has been to increase the volume of cooperation between two organisations – the Foundation of Education and Development of Civil Society (FERSO) from Poland and Fattoria Pugliese Diffusa (FPD) from Italy. To maintain the partnership, both organisations have agreed to support each other in four exchanges involving a total of 12 senior volunteers who will actively participate in the preparation and implementation of ecological events and activities in local communities from April-June 2012 and September-November 2012. The main theme of the project is environmental education promoted and implemented by civic activities led by seniors over 50.

The SURE project results from the exchange of experience between partners in relation to informal and non-formal adult education and their strong interest and expertise in environmental issues. Both are recognized in their local communities as providers of high-quality activities related to ecology, non-formal and informal civic learning. FERSO operates mainly in urban areas whereas FPD is present in rural ones.

Two exchanges between partners have already taken place. From 2-23 May 2012, FERSO hosted three Italian senior volunteers from the FPD Cultural Association who conducted presentations and meetings on Italian culture, Italy and national cuisine; as well as workshops on rural and urban lifestyle; meetings with seniors from Seniors Associations in Lodz; and visits to local kinder-gardens and an orphanage with a “Flying grandmas” group, to meet and play with the children. Target groups included seniors from the region of Lodzkie, as well as children and youth from Lodz.

FERSO then sent two Senior Volunteers from 23 May – 13 June to their partner organisation FPD in Italy. Activities conducted by the seniors included introductions to Polish cuisine and traditions during International Evening events; as well as workshops on handcraft and sustainable development.

Usporiadateľ: FERSO Foundation

The Foundation of Education and Development of Civil Society (FERSO) is a non-profit organisation established in 2004. Its main aim is to support sustainable development of civil society through education, art and multimedia technologies.

Partneri: Fattoria Pugliese Diffusa (FPD)
Sponsor (s): LifeLong Learning Programme - European Commission
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Kontakt: Aleksandra Bukowczyk :