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Please, Don't Fall



"Por favor, não caia" ("Please, Don't Fall") is a healthy-ageing community intervention project implemented in the Azores Islands.

The main goal of the project is to prevent falls and maintain or improve the functional abilities of the ageing population of Angra do Heroismo (Terceira Island) and Santa Cruz do Graciosa (Graciosa Island).

Its practical implementation is done through physical and water exercise sessions that take place twice a week, as well as monthly health education workshops. 

During the European Year 2012, the following specific actions will be taking place:

  • On 29th September, a showcase of activities striving to bridge the gap between youth trends and the cultural heritage of older generations will take place during the "Our Generations" fair.
  • Besides, several workshops addressed to children and teenagers on 1st June, 26th October and 16th November will allow them to experience the limitations that the elderly face on their daily life, through a set of adapted interactive activities.
  • Finally, there will be a EY 2012 parade during the festivities of Saint John's.

All actions will be coordinated by the "Please, Don't Fall" team with the support of the local authorities.

Usporiadateľ: Pnf-Chi Institute

Pnf-Chi Institute is active on the field of physiotherapy care, continuous education, consultancy and all services related to this field of healthcare.

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