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Service Oriented Assisted Living Infrastructure

Germany Germany Germany Germany /2012-/2015

Germany / Spain / Italy / Switzerland

The SOCIALIZE (Service Oriented Assisted Living Infrastructure) multilateral project wants to introduce technological advancements to help older citizens against the current stereotype that older people reject technology. The project idea is based on the firm belief that rejection is frequently due to the low quality of the interface and that technological solutions are often introduced without an in depth study of end user needs, an adequate training period or a good support service. 

SOCIALIZE partners in four countries will develop a hardware/software platform which will offer information and entertainment content geared to the needs and interests of elderly people. The content will be provided in a barrier-free and user friendly way tailored to the 55 to 80 age group and across the different devices.

This Ambient Assisted Living project covers three technologic macro areas, as it foresees to implement:

  • a service-oriented software architecture to supply network services with cloud computing modalities,
  • a set of user interfaces and access devices to optimize the experience of using the services that are available in the network for first level end-users (elderly people)
  • a set of software tools to implement services. The tools will be available to social organisations, which will enable them to implement and provide their services through the platform.
Promotor: IRIS Consortium

IRIS is a consortium founded in July 2008 by a group of Italian companies in order to develop projects and initiatives in the field of Research and Technological Innovation.

Sponsor (s): Ambient Assisted Living Joint Programme (AAL JP)
Contact: Andrea Acito :