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Students and seniors collaborate in the short film 'Yesterday is our today'



Students and seniors collaborate in the short film & #39;Yesterday is our today& #39; © Gestern ist Unser Heute

Students from the Julius-Stursberg High School in Neukirchen-Vluyn have prepared a short 13-minutes documentary entitled “Yesterday is our today” in collaboration with senior citizens of the local nursing home.

Young students tried to answer some ageing-related questions through interviews to elders, who were captured by professional documentary filmmakers.

Students were divided in four groups, who worked around the following themes:
1) What can we ask old people as historical witnesses?
2) What are the dreams of elderly people? Have they been fulfilled?
3) How do "fit seniors" live their lives? How do they design their everyday life?
4) How does it feel to be old? How does the environment respond to old people?
The fourth group was given the opportunity to “feel old” by means of simulation suits provided by Dr. Stefanie Gurk.

The movie was premiered during the Missionshoffete on June 23rd.

The project is part of the European Year 2012 activities of the municipality in order to promote intergenerational exchange.

Promotor: Municipality of Neukirchen-Vluyn

The City of Neukirchen-Vluyn organises and initiates throughout its School Culture Office artistic projects for students, providing support and also cooperation in the search for funding opportunities.

Contact: Ulrike Reichelt :