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The Third Age University of Slovenia



The Third Age University of Slovenia is a voluntary educational movement, meant for people over 50.

During the European Year 2012, the Slovenian Third Age University will be working intensively in the development and implementation of a new and comprehensive model which combines education of the elderly for personal growth and their engagement as voluntaries, plus the “education” of public representatives in order to integrate these old volunteers in their projects.

With the implementation of the educational and training programmes run by the Slovenian 50+ University, public institutions are enabled to integrate highly educated and motivated old people as volunteers, and these in exchange are able to take up voluntary roles that are far from being traditional.  

Not only the volunteers find a place in the existing institutional structure, but they also contribute towards shaping their own new voluntary role within it.

More importantly, this new model comprises also a massive public campaigning aimed to raise public awareness about the new social and volunteering opportunities open to older people.

As of May 2012, there are already 7 cultural institutions and 2 hospitals participating in this emerging network, benefiting from the enthusiasm of some 200 volunteers, each of them working at least 4 hours a day.

An example of this project are the new gardening volunteers and cultural mediators at the Botanical Garden of Ljubljana. They have been educated jointly by the Slovenian Third Age University and the experts from the botanical institution. Their role is to act as the ambassadors of the Garden and to organise intergenerational joint activities and events in it.

The Slovenian Third Age University also participated in the Generations@school Project “Live is life” launch and has organised dialogue encounters with the Ministry of Work and Social Affairs to discuss active ageing.

Promotor: The Third Age University of Slovenia

The non-profit Slovenian Third Age University was established in 1984 to provide the elderly access to culture and education, and to contribute to changing their social and economic position. It was born as a participative research and joint voluntary work of university teachers, students and retired experts. Today it’s a network of 45 universities with more than 21,000 students and 2,000 volunteers.

Contact: Dusana Findeisen: