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Inspiring young people in Lower Saxony to commit to a career in geriatric care



“Human Age - You are my future” is a campaign launched by Lower Saxony’s Ministry of Social Affairs within the European Year for Active Ageing and Solidarity between Generations 2012 to inspire young people to engage in geriatric care and nursing careers.

The campaign consists on several posters, newspaper ads, post cards, a dedicated website and several videos.  

Aygül Özkan, Minister of Social Affairs, Women, Family, Health and Integration State of Lower Saxony, said during the presentation of the campaign in 2012 that “carers for the elderly and geriatric nurses have a future-proof job. Their tasks are varied and they have diverse career opportunities. Young people have therefore very good prospects."

"We want to attract more people for education in nursing", said the minister, who also wants to win students with an immigrant background for training in geriatric care.

More and more people with immigrant backgrounds require a care which respects their cultural and religious needs. Dementia patients for example forget the German language bit by bit and then require nurses who speak the language of their home country. Nurses who can respond to these and other features would be needed in the future more and more.

The number of people needing care will grow significantly in the coming years. Predictions run in 2010 point out that the number of people needing care in Lower Saxony in 2030 will grow from 100,000 to 350,000 people.

Promotor: Ministry of Social Affairs, Women, Family and Health - Lower Saxony

As the highest state authority the Ministry (about 400 employees) designs social policy and initiatives.

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