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Getting old in Munich - a special programme for the EY2012



Getting old in Munich - a special programme for the EY2012

The city of Munich is participating actively in the promotion of the values and goals of the European Year for Active Ageing and Solidarity between Generations. Under the auspices of the Deputy Mayor Christine Strobl the extensive programme "Getting old in Munich - so happy!" has been implemented, with a special focus on stimulating the solidarity and dialogue between generations. Other objectives are:

  • Stimulate a debate on employment and working conditions for older people
  • Sustainable improvement of the living conditions of seniors
  • Promoting volunteering and active participation in family life and in society
  • Support healthy ageing
  • Creating awareness about the diversity, the opportunities and the positive aspects of "getting older".

During the European Year 2012 the city of Munich is offering a total of 205 senior-related events, put together with the collaboration of a variety of organisations. The themes are very different, from health to housing, poverty, safety, and education, among other topics.

The programme also includes some special actions such as a 40-page brochure about ageing in Munich, another one with information and advice for carers, a short video presenting the objectives of the EY2012, the Best Intergenerational Project Competition and a dedicated online blog.

Promotor: City of Munich

The City of Munich, through its Department of Social Services, is commited to draw attention, encourage and assist social organisations and civil society in their efforts to promote active ageing and solidarity between generations.

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