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A City for All Ages workshops in Edinburgh


Scotland(United Kingdom)

A City for All Ages workshops in Edinburgh © Melissa Murphy | SXC

A City for All Ages is about improving opportunities and services for older people in Edinburgh, removing discrimination and challenging attitudes about older people. The involvement of senior citizens, working together with the Edinburgh Council, NHS Lothian and other partners in the public, voluntary and commercial sectors, is key for this initiative, implemented through Edinburgh's Plan for Older People. The advisory group of A City for All Ages holds bi-monthly meetings in the City Chambers.

During 2012, in the context of European Year for Active Ageing and Solidarity between Generations, a series of five workshops or seminars will take place for 30 to 50 senior citizens and members from groups and organisations that represent older people on issues of active ageing, health and support. 

The first workshop, "On Being Older: The Emotional Aspects of Ageing", will be presented by the Scottish Institute of Human Relations (SIHR) in association with A City for All Ages. SIHR aims to facilitate the growth of invididuals, their relationships, their workplaces and cultural environments through psychoanalytic, psychodynamic and systemic approaches.

Further workshops will be designed and developed through the contribution of older people, and will address issues of employment, independent living and participation in society of senior citizens.

Promotor: The City of Edinburgh Council

The City of Edinburgh Council is one of the 32 local government, unitary authorities, in  Scotland which consist of councillors elected every four years by registered voters. The City of Edinburgh Council role is to govern on matters of local administration such as housing, planning, local transport, parks and local economic development and regeneration. 

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