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2WARdS - Intergenerational dialogue about the consequences of war

France France France France France France France France France /2012-/2014

France / Austria / Belgium / Czech Republic / Germany / Finland / Latvia / Poland / Hungary

Most of European countries experienced several wars in the last 100 years. 2WARdS Europe is a two-year transnational project (2012-14) which aims to open an intergenerational dialogue about the consequences of war, but also about themes like racism, extremism and discrimination.

Participating partners in 9 EU countries (Poland, France, Hungary, Finland, Latvia, Germany, Belgium, Czech Republic and Austria) will give the word to senior citizens, who will share their memories and stories. A compilation of their testimonies about war will be made in video and some seniors will travel to other countries to exchange their stories and to dialogue about the past.

The challenge of the project is not the involvement of seniors, which is guaranteed by the topic itself.  The challenge is to confront it with younger generation: how to involve youngsters in this project and to get a real intergenerational dialogue. Hence, some partners will involve Sociology and History students, while others have contacted with arts schools (audio visual) or with high schools to get the active involvement of the youngsters.

The result of this common work and exchange will be a singular view on wars and conflicts, expressed by European citizens, and a common European statement about peace and the value of permanent intergenerational dialogue in conflict handling. The results will be presented in 2014, a year which will mark the first centenary of the beginning of World War I.

The project will also serve to explore (at organisational level) innovative and creative intergenerational learning processes, using story telling, images, local research and artistic approaches to stimulate and share on a participatory way.

The project will produce a multimedia DVD and an interactive multimedia online platform sharing the outcomes and lessons learned.

Organizator: De Zeyp

De Zeyp is a co-partnership between the Social Centre and the Community Centre of de Zeyp, which offer a broad range of cultural and social  activities to local citizens.

Sponsor (s): LifeLong Learning Programme - European Commission
Kontakt: Ivo Peeters: ivo.peeters@dezeyp.be