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Memoro - The Bank of Memories

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France / Germany / Spain / Poland / United Kingdom / Italy / Greece / Other

Memoro - The Bank of Memories

Memoro – The Bank of Memories is a non-profit project which collects, classifies and shares online the stories and experiences of people born before 1950. In a word, it's the online version of the stories that grandparents used to tell their grandchildren.

The initiative aims to cover the generational gap establishing a stronger relationship between the young and the elders and, at the same time, overcome the distance between countries.

Since the beginning, Memoro was approached as an international initiative based on the concept of memory as a universal value. One of its main targets is “restoring the value of memory” and help elders transmit their knowledge, wisdom and experiences to the next generations.

The storyteller contributes to the project on a completely free basis, and decides the argument of the video and audio-interviews that are collected in one or more episodes.

The Bank of Memories is also an international e-community which generates content, is active in the social media, organizes training courses and prepares projects for companies, associations and local administrations.

Some ot the project’s achievments between 2008 - 2011:
- 6,000 online videos corresponding to 22 days uninterrupted view
- Over 1,000 videos generated by users
- Over 5,000,000 page views
- Over 3,500,000 displayed videos
- Over 34 years of memories transferred (total time of viewed videos)
- Over 17,000 referred links

To support the European Year for Active Ageing 2012 Memoro will implement a project for the Grundtvig-funded HISstory learning partnership, including six international members (Belgium, Italy, Greece, Germany, Finland and Ireland) dedicated to the direct involvement of the seniors in the process of learning how to maximize the use of new technologies in the field of oral living history.

The partnership - based on the concept and methodology of Memoro.org and examples of good practises of all partners - explores new ways to collect memories of seniors by the use of videos and ICT. Seniors are seen both as holders of living historical treasures and motivated interviewers that need to be properly trained to achieve the skills for playing an active role in collecting old generation experiences in a social and cultural context.

Organizator: Bank of Memories association

The Bank of Memories association was born in 2007 as the brainchild of four young people from Turin (Italy). Since then it has spread internationally. The objective is to expand the project as much as possible. As of January 2011 Memoro is present in Italy, Germany, Spain, France, United Kingdom, Argentina, Puerto Rico, Venezuela, United States, Japan and Cameroon.

Strona internetowa: http://www.memoro.org
Kontakt: Luca Novarino : luca.novarino@memoro.org