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ENARgy webzine dedicated to the European Year 2012



ENARgy webzine dedicated to the European Year 2012

The European Network Against Racism (ENAR) has dedicated the November 2012 issue of its “ENARgy” online magazine to the European Year of Active Ageing and Solidarity between Generations.

In this special webzine ENAR looks into the specific challenges faced by older migrants and ethnic minorities in the EU and how these should be addressed. Articles focus on issues such as employment, care, housing, financial inclusion and intergenerational solidarity, and provide a combination of best practices, testimonies, and experts’ insights in these areas.

In his editorial, Michaël Privot, ENAR’s Director, reminds readers that older migrants and ethnic minorities “face the same problems of access and opportunity in the labour market as any older worker, but these are compounded by discrimination, lack of access to training and lifelong learning obstacles, as well as earlier experiences (and repercussions) of not having qualifications obtained in their home country recognized in Europe.”

He also points out that “they also share the same difficulties any ageing person may encounter in accessing healthcare and long term care, but with additional challenges, including premature ageing due to harsh working and housing conditions, as well as a loss of command of their host country language, particularly if they suffer from dementia/Alzheimer. Older ethnic In addition, long term care facilities are often not adapted to the cultural, religious or linguistic needs of older migrants and ethnic minorities.”

EU and national decision makers and public authorities "need to address these issues by adopting targeted measures and encouraging initiatives in this area. Only in this way will we foster older ethnic minorities’ and migrants’ social and economic inclusion and allow them to age in dignity", says Pivot.

Organizator: ENAR (European Network Against Racism)

The European Network Against Racism (ENAR) is an EU-wide network of more than 700 organisations working to combat racism in all the EU member states and acts as the voice of the anti-racist movement in Europe.

Strona internetowa: http://www.enargywebzine.eu/
Kontakt: info@enar-eu.org