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Older people – a valuable resource for the labour market

Estonia /2009-/2012


Older people – a valuable resource for the labour market

The aim of the project “Older people – a valuable resource for the labour market” is to help Estonian elderly workers maintain their jobs and help them to remain longer in the labour market, finding new jobs in case they are unemployed. The aim of the project is also to raise change social perceptions and create a more positive attitude towards older workforce.

Among other activities, the project has organised between 2010 and 2012 a total of nine information days for employers to discuss the challenges and concerns faced by senior workers. It has also organised training workshops to build the self-esteem of ageing workers and produced a series of 16 video clips, broadcasted on national TV, to introduce the older workers agenda to the general public and to address and overcome ageing stereotypes.

One of the main activities of the project has also been the creation of a website to provide people 50+ an easy access to online information on labour market developments, to enhance their work-ability and employability and enable their access to specialised counselling.

Organizator: Teine Võimalus

Teine Võimalus is a non-profit organisation founded in 2005 aimed at preventing and reducing unemployment and social exclusion.

Sponsor (s): European Social Fund (ESF)
Kontakt: Žmenja Marika: marika@teinevoimalus.ee