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Senior-friendly Ventspils



Seniors represent the 23 per cent of the total population of Ventspils. In order to ensure their active social and economic participation in the city’s life, the local council has implemented several projects, such as:

  • A special support programme that has been developed to help senior citizens leave their homes.
  • Wheelchair-accessible public transport and buildings.
  • Specially designed street infrastructure: traffic lights with audible signals, in many areas the sides of pavements have been brightly marked, wheelchair-accessible pavements in accordance with universal design principles and, where necessary, road sign poles have been brightly marked.
  • The local council has also landscaped parks and created footpaths that senior citizens use for walking, hiking or other physical activities. Open-air gym equipment has been installed in the parks which senior citizens can use to keep fit.

The City of Ventspils provides senior citizens with IT courses, access to modern computers and the Internet. Each year about 150 senior citizens gain new IT knowledge.

Literary groups have also gained popularity among senior citizens. They are organised by the library and people can familiarise themselves with new books and experience the richness of their cultural heritage.

By employing council funding, senior citizens have access to library resources and IT courses from their own homes. In 2011 this programme was recognised as one of the 7 best examples of IT access in Europe at the EU e-Access Conference.

Authorities also promote the participation of senior citizens in amateur groups, traditional dance evenings and sporting events, from cycling to orienteering, street basketball, beach volleyball, football, chess and other games.

All these educational, cultural and sporting activities aim to promote communication between generations and the passing on of knowledge to young people. They also encourage understanding, tolerance and respect, reducing stereotypes and prejudice.

The City of Ventspils achieved the third place at the European Year for Active Ageing and Solidarity between Generations Award in the category of Towards Age Friendly Environments.

Organizator: Ventspils City Council

Ventspils’ council emphasises the wellbeing of people from different generations. The development is planned to ensure that all individuals feel they belong to the town.

Kontakt: Didzis Ošenieks: didzis.osenieks@ventspils.gov.lv