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Innovation50 - Follow your ideas!



Innovation50 is an ongoing not-for-profit project that applies to seniors who have been "removed" from the working process although they would still like to continue active professionally. These seniors are invited by Innovation50 to start their own businesses as a team and to develop their own ideas into innovative products, manufacturing and sale.

The project is designed as a start-up portal for seniors and it's being developed within the scope of the 2012 European Year for Active Ageing and Solidarity between Generations.

The first phase of the project has already been implemented with the launch of www.innovation50.eu. The web page presents the fundamentals of the initiative and it's aimed to provide information about the objectives and organization of the project and recruit candidates for administrative, editorial, start-ups and service teams.

All participants are seniors who can communicate with each other through the intranet. Locally they are in direct contact with each other.

The project's goal is the creation of businesses and subsequently the establishment of a cooperative.

Organizator: Lothar Konietzka

The promoter of Innovation50 was born in Munich. After finishing his studies of Philosophy, Art History, Sociology and Political Science in 1978, Mr. Konietzka worked as a journalist. In 1986 he founded the company for organizational consulting and communications design Dr. Aurich and Dr. Konietzka. After conduction several empirical researches for the city Munich he developed the concept Innovation50.

Strona internetowa: http://innovation50.eu/
Kontakt: Lothar Konietzka : konietzka@innovation50.eu