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Poznan, a city open to all generations



In light of the demographic changes occurring in Poznan, the city authorities have established the Centre for Senior Citizens Initiatives (CIS). The goal of this municipal unit is to create the right conditions for an active and independent ageing in Poznan and show seniors that the city is open to all – all it takes is the desire to be active.

Since the centre opened in 2010 it has managed to create a place for everyone interested in events organised for seniors.

The 50+ Information Point in the centre provides a website with a jobs database, publishes a weekly newsletter and a column in the local media (30 editions by June 2012). Thanks to volunteers from the radio and television fields, the centre can also reach those senior who do not use the Internet or read newspapers.

The municipal unit has also established a certification system for “senior-friendly places”. Within the scope of the campaign initiated at the end of 2011, 12 locations have already been awarded the senior-friendly title, while others are awaiting verification.

Volunteer work among seniors and the “silver economy” are also encouraged by the centre, which coordinates the Aktywni 50+ (50+ and Active) fair, organised annually in Poznan. In 2012 the number of visitors exceeded 3,500 and the number of exhibitors presenting products, services and social programmes addressed to people aged 50+ increased to 130. As a result, the fair received the support of regional authorities and gained the status of a national event.

The CIS also undertakes activates aimed at promoting solidarity between generations. An example of this is the monthly cycle of cultural and educational events conducted in partnership with universities of the third age in Poznan.

In 2012, the centre organised in May a successful International Conference on Solidarity between Generations. A short film was produced for this event with the participation of seniors communicating a message to the young generations, which became very popular online.

The source of the centre’s success lies in its continuous cooperation with NGOs and public institutions, and the result of executed initiatives and participation in international projects. This includes strategic documents prepared with the centre’s participation, which constitute the framework of local solutions.

The extensive activity of the CIS is becoming an example for other cities in Poland. It is also recognised internationally, as is demonstrated through many requests to share its experience within the scope of national conferences and international meetings.

The Centre for Senior Citizens Initiatives in Poznan achieved the second place at the European Year for Active Ageing and Solidarity between Generations Awards in the category of Age-Friendly Environments.

Promotor: Centre for Senior Citizens Initiatives - Poznan

The Centre for Senior Citizens Initiatives is a unit of the Municipality of Poznan which works to enhance the life of citizens 50+, fighting stereotypes of old age and integrating generations.

Plaats: Poznan
Contact: Monika Szelągiewicz: