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Your Third Career. Empowering people to tackle the challenges in the third age.



Instead of traditional retirement where you just observe from the side-line, a growing number of the new 60+ generation of healthy and better-educated seniors decide to continue being a part of the game and keep on contributing - at workplaces and in voluntary work. A new lifecycle with a career in the third age is emerging.

To empower seniors to tackle the challenges of the third age en3karriere has developed and organised pre-retirement workshops in Aarhus with the overall purpose to support active ageing and solidarity between generations.

During the last year this advisory unit has organised workshops for 220 seniors at local level. Evaluation schemes from these workshops shows, that:
• 44% of the participants decided – to spend more time on voluntary work
• 39% of the participants decided – to improve their health habits and keep fit
• 38% of the participants decided - to stay longer on the job

These workshops mark a breakthrough for the majority of participants in rethinking new third age careers filled with purpose, passion and (maybe) a pay check.

The en3karriere workshop model has been successfully disseminated in many different ways at local, national and European level.

Your Third Career achieved the second place at the  European Year for Active Ageing and Solidarity between Generations Award in the category of Social Entrepreneurs.

Promotor: en3karriere

en3karriere is an advisory unit helping enterprises to develop a good senior practice and guiding seniors about how they can get a new third career. en3karriere started as a 2-year demonstration project rooted in Aarhus Job Centre with support from the Labour Market Authority and the European Social Fund.

Plaats: Aarhus
Contact: Poul-Erik Tindbaek: