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Creative Pathways for lifelong learning

Germany Germany Germany Germany /2012-/2014

Germany / Poland / Slovakia / Italy / Other

The Creative Pathways project was created in order to celebrate the European Year for Active Ageing and Solidarity between Generations 2012. The general aim of the project is to find "creative pathways" in adult education institutions and collect best practice examples on intergenerational approaches in lifelong learning.

A consortium of six European partners from Romania, Germany, Turkey, Poland, Italy and Slovakia develops this two-year project, which will publish a booklet with best practices from all over Europe and will provide an interactive platform for the dissemination of new, innovative intergenerational measures in adult education.

Promotur: Comparative Research Network (CRN)

CRN is a network for research in social science and training in adult education.

Sponsor (s): Grundtvig Learning Partnership Project
Kuntatt: Martin Barthel: