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Federal Advisory Council for the Elderly

Belgium 27/11/2012-


The Belgian Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Pensions, Alexander De Croo, presented on 27 November the new Federal Advisory Council of Elders. The presentation took place on the occasion of the National Closing Conference of the European Year for Active Ageing and Solidarity between Generations, in Brussels.

This new Advisory Council of Elders will act on its own initiative, at the request of the Federal Government or of a Legislative Chamber, to render advice taking into account the developments and needs of old persons. The Council may issue opinions to the government in areas such as pensions, equal opportunities, social integration and health care, which the government will have to reply within a period of three months.

The Federal Advisory Council consists of 25 full members and 25 alternates, all of them with voting rights. Besides, several voting members may be appointed. All members have experience in organisations active in the field of senior policy, both at federal level and in the various language areas of the country.

During the presentation of the Advisory Council, Minister De Croo expressed his hope that this body will also be committed to intergenerational solidarity.  "The youth of today are the elderly of tomorrow," he said.

Promotur: Ministry of Pensions - Belgium