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Intergenerational Creative Arts Contest in Terrasa



Intergenerational Creative Arts Contest in Terrasa © Andrew Eick | Flickr

The Floral Games Literary Festival for Europe in Terrassa wants to encourage and promote literature and new technologies among senior citizens. To that end, it set up a writing contest for all 60+ inhabitants of the city, inviting them to write short texts about the European ideals of peace, freedom, solidarity and human rights. 

Students from the city high schools are also participating in the activity, by illustrating the stories written by their seniors: a literary and artistic dialogue between generations thus takes place. The winning stories will be selected by a jury, chaired by a member of the European Parliament. There will be first, second and third place honorary prizes, and for each story winner there will be a special mention for two illustrations.

The elderly winners will be visiting the schools of their artistic young partners and both generations will share a conversation about their motivations and creative inspirations. The Council for Elderly Promotion will be publishing a book with all the winning stories and drawings, and a final closing ceremony will take place on May 25th in the Municipal Auditorium of Terrassa, where the books will be distributed and the awards presented to the winners by a member of the European Parliament .

Promotur: Terrassa City Council

Terrassa City Council's Service for European and International Relations aims at developing participation in city networks, bilateral cooperation and projects in the different spheres of municipal action. It also acts as a driving force and provides support to other municipal areas and other organisations in the city in any matters pertaining to European and international affairs.

Imsieħeb(imsieħba): European Parliament Office in Barcelona
Kuntatt: Joan Chicón :