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The Grandparent Project



The Grandparent Project

Code-X International, a non-profit organization based in the Netherlands, will launch during the European Year for Active Ageing and Solidarity between Generations “The Grandparent Project”, targeted to 50+ volunteers willing to help immigrant and economically deprived children.

Within this project, senior volunteers will be paired with a young immigrant or socially deprived family with children to help and improve his or her local language skills and literacy. The volunteer will sit with the children, in company of a parent or older sibling, and read them stories in the local language, discuss their content and play educational games.

The main goals of the Grandparent Project are:

  • Help immigrant children learn the local language and become more literate;
  • Help immigrant children better integrate into local society;
  • Help senior citizens stay active in their community;
  • Provide Intergenerational and Intercultural experiences for each participant, senior volunteer and youth beneficiary.

The initiative is set to begin in September 2012 and run for 10 weeks. There will be however many prior activities in order to introduce and promote it locally, such as a public performance set to take place in August in Amsterdam.

Code-X will work with organizations across Europe to promote and encourage the creation of similar programmes.


Promotur: Code-X International

Code-X International is an independent non-profit organization which develops innovative social programs promoting sustainable personal and community development around the world. Code-X understands that retired and older volunteers have a lifetime of experience and valuable skills that can be beneficial to their local community, and they are commited to tap into that wealth of knowledge.

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