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Making Manchester A Great Place To Grow Older


England(United Kingdom)

Making Manchester A Great Place To Grow Older © 123RF Stock Photos

Creating an age-friendly Manchester as an inclusive and accessible urban environment that promotes healthy and active ageing is Manchester‘s programme of work for 2020.

It's aim is to become an age-friendly city where older people are more able to enjoy a good quality of life. The plan is to improve life for older people in Manchester, and involves a range of different services, organisations, agencies, and older residents.

There are five parts to the programme of work around the cross-cutting themes of promoting equality, improving relationships and improving engagement.

  • Create better neighbourhoods for older people
  • Increase the income and employment of older people
  • Increase older people’s participation in cultural and learning activities
  • Improve the health of older people
  • Improve care and support for older people.

The programme of work includes actions over the next two years and specifically during 2012 when  Manchester City Council is committed to producing another plan for the next three years up to 2015 to match with the Manchester Community Strategy timescales.

The Manchester City Council also commits to holding  through its Valuing Older People Team a series of workshops in March 2012 to launch the Manchester Age Friendly City programme. It will run workshops promoting the role of active ageing and solidarity between generations through Intergenerational Practice. International partners are welcome to participate especially as part of developing long term collaborations.

Rīkotājs: Manchester City Council

Manchester City Council is a local authority in England which aims to develop Manchester as a City of national and international significance where people choose to live and which companies want to invest in a city where all citizens benefit from regeneration and have equal access to the wealth, employment and other opportunities which this brings.

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