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The Centre for Senior Policy


Oslo(Norway )

The Centre for Senior Policy

Norway's Centre for Senior Policy’s (CSP) organised on May 3rd the Generations Day in Oslo. Key stakeholders within youth organizations, NGOs, leaders of political parties and social partners participated in the event, an extension of the Centre for Senior Policy’s Annual Meeting. 

As a special commitment to the European Year 2012, the highlight of the day was the presentation of a mini-musical about ageing created and performed by art students of the Solbakken Folkehøgskole (Solbakken College). “This has been interesting and challenging. I’m 19 years and have never thought about what retirement is, or what it means to retire”, said Idunn Hellesø, one of the authors of the musical text. “Through this work I have become aware of how the media portrays older. It's almost as if being old is like being sick. It is as if we think that everyone over 60 is ancient, but they are not”, added the young author.

Some of the participants in the lectures and panel debates were Gunhild Grande Stærk, chairwoman of the board of The Norwegian Children and Youth Council; Kåre Hagen and Gunhild Hagestad, director and researcher at Nova (Norwegian Social Research) respectively; Sven Mollekleiv, Secretary General of the Norwegian Red Cross; Loveleen Brenna, partner at Seema; Ove Vanebo, politician, and Anette Trettbergestuen, Member of Parliament. 


Rīkotājs: Centre for Senior Policy (CSP)

A centre of expertise for the development of policies facilitating a good working environment and a good personnel policy for seniors. CSP is the national coordinator of the European Year 2012 in Norway.

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