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The Amazings


England(United Kingdom)

The Amazings © edenpictures

The Amazings is a marketplace where retired people can sell their skills and knowledge as experiences. Launched in East London in September 2011, this social enterprise helps retired or approaching retirement citizens package the skills, knowledge and passion they’ve accrued throughout their life and turn them into activities which can be sold back to the community.

The Amazings provides financial, technical and logistical support to people who want to sell their skills. In return, it takes a share of the ticket sales from each experience. Supported by Sidekick Studios, with funding from the Technology Strategy Board, The Amazings intends to become a national social business that uses the power of the web to connect amazing people to other generations, helping the exchange of skills within communities, and keeping people well for longer.

Iniciatoriai ir organizatoriai: The Amazings

The Amazings is a social enterprise that supports people who are retired or reaching retirement sell their skills, knowledge or passion to the general public.

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