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Inclusion for Vulnerable Elderly in Reading Groups


Denmark / Midtjylland(Denmark)

Læseforeningen and EGV Foundation are working together in the research and implementation in Denmark of reading groups for vulnerable elderly. This method has been developed with quite outstanding results in England by The Reader Organisation, and with its adaptation to the Danish contexts, promoters intend to raise awareness of the reading groups’ approach and the importance of the inclusion of vulnerable, ill and lonely elderly people in society.

Overall, the target audience of this project are the vulnerable elderly, who might be vulnerable for various reasons. It could be due to illness and mental disorder or due to their social and cultural situation. Furthermore their vulnerability can be caused by the society's ideas or norms regarding how life should be for elderly. The investigation focuses on the following four groups:  elderly with dementia, elderly with depression, elderly who are isolated and lonely and elderly with an ethnic minority background.

This research project, entitled “Inclusion for Vulnerable Elderly in Reading Groups”, will be completed throughout 2012.

The goal is that the experiences gained from this project could be used to create a repeatable model that can be disseminated to a broader audience.

Iniciatoriai ir organizatoriai: Læseforeningen

Læseforeningen is a Danish voluntary, non-profit association, established in 2010 based on the concept of the English Association The Reader Organisation. Its aim is to spread the joy of reading literature to as many people as possible.

Partneris (-iai): The EGV Foundation
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