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Volunteers - Ambassadors of Change


Romania / Bucharest(Romania)

Volunteers - Ambassadors of Change ©

The project “Volunteers - Ambassadors of Change” run by The Princess Margarita of Romania Foundation aims to:

- Fight against solitude and poverty by offering assistance to the elderly who are confined at home or in retirement homes
- Encourage seniors to participate in and contribute to society by offering them the chance to take part in cultural and social activities, including volunteering initiatives
- Promote intergenerational activities and exchanges
- Raise awareness among the general public regarding the needs and realities of the elderly
- Promote volunteering activities, train and assist volunteers who offer assistance to the elderly.

During the EY2012 The Princess Margarita of Romania Foundation commits to:

  • Conducting a public campaign to raise awareness on the ageing phenomenon by designing a photographic exhibition that will be shown in public spaces
  • Carrying out the project "Our stories", an endeavour that entails bringing together senior citizens and people from other age groups to create a common set of written, audio and visual testimonies and memories, through interviews, photo sessions and written correspondence between volunteers, the general public and senior citizens.
  • Hosting training sessions in the field of providing services to the elderly. Addressed to all age groups, but especially to senior citizens, these sessions aim to improve the active involvement of seniors in society.
Szervező: The Princess Margarita of Romania Foundation

The Princess Margarita of Romania Foundation (FPMR) is a non-profit organisation contributing to the development of civil society in Romania. FPMR develops programmes that improve the living conditions of children and young people, families at risk, and the elderly; stimulate intergenerational solidarity and open communication between the young and the elderly; contribute to the institutional development of NGOs working with children and seniors, and foster local creativity and talent.

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