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Smartphones for Seniors

Portugal 11/2012-

Portugal / Lisboa(Portugal)

Smartphones for Seniors (S4S) is a Portuguese collaborative research and development (R&D) project launched in November 2012 in the scope of the European Year for Active Ageing, which aims to facilitate communication mechanisms available to the elderly by redesigning the user interfaces of the basic functions of a Windows Phone 7 smartphone. It also includes the redesign of more advanced tools such as video calling and interconnection with social media in order to allow remote interaction with users of social networks, as well as synchronous or asynchronous conversation, covering also audiovisual communication.

The consortium of this project includes four companies: Microsoft, Optimus (Telecom operator), WIT and Devscope, two universities: Aveiro (UA) and Lisbon (FCUL), and one research and development institute Fraunhofer Portugal (Fhp – AICOS, Portugal Research Center for Assistive Information and Communication Solutions).

The S4S Project has done research on how elderly users interact with mobile devices mainly to understand limitations and restrictions regarding interaction with current smartphones and applications.

The S4S Project has also done R&D on improving ASR engines, by collecting 81 hours of elderly speech. This data will be incorporated in the Microsoft ASR speech engines so that the S4S applications can better understand the elderly users.

This is in scope of the first goal of this project: to enable better communication mechanisms that are more adapted to the elderly, by taking advantage of the Windows Phone 7 new user interfaces and including more advanced apps such as video conferencing, chatting and social networking integration (such as Facebook and Twitter).

Szervező: MLDC – Microsoft Language Development Centre

MLDC was launched in 2005, integrated in the Portuguese Microsoft (MS) subsidiary. MLDC is the first MS R&D centre with the mission to bring key language component product development to Europe and neighbouring regions.

Kapcsolat: Miguel Dias: