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Intergen - Bringing together seniors and students


England(United Kingdom)

Intergen - Bringing together seniors and students

The Intergen programme has been developed over 10 years in the UK to bring older and younger people together in local secondary and primary schools. Research evidence showed the value of bringing both generations together, as a way of fostering social inclusion for seniors and promoting a positive image of them amongst children and teachers in the schools in which they volunteered.

A national pilot of the original Intergen programme was completed last year in four different areas of the UK to test the strength of the project, and design ways to train and support older people as coordinators and volunteers. The test proved successful and 2012 will see the expansion of the model into new areas of England and the North West. Fifteen schools will participate in the initiative and 5 seniors will be trained as coordinators, in order to recruit 500 older volunteers who will share their skills and knowledge in the schools with which Intergen has partnerships. Coordinators and volunteers will be trained and supported by Intergen.

This expansion and the five additional partnerships will celebrate the European Year for Active Ageing and Solidarity between Generations, and highlight older citizen's activities in an award ceremony that will take place at the end of the school year.

Szervező: Intergen CIC

Intergen is a Community Interest Company (CIC) working with schools to create opportunities to establish links between young and older citizens, enabling older people to become part of the school community and participate in social events organised by the schools and Intergen and also promoting community cohesion.

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