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Hungary / Budapest(Hungary) is a website created by Inforum (Forum of the Hungarian IT Organisations for Information Society) to make the internet and the digital world a familiar place for people over 50.

The aims of are to:

  • Demonstrate the values of the 50 + generation
  • Teach youngsters the respect for seniors
  • Transfer the values of seniors to youngsters
  • Build good connections between younger and older generations
  • Increase skills among the 50 + generation (IT, management, language, learning, e-services)
  • Support family solidarity

Inforum and will organise during the European Year 2012 a new edition of the Grandparents-Grandchildren IT Competition. The initiative encourages grandparents and their grandchildren to compete as a pair with other grandparents-grandchildren filling out some tests. The first phase of the competition takes place online. Afterwards, 120 finalists meet and compete at the grand final, where they have to answer 60 questions in 60 minutes.

The idea is that grandchildren, who are bond to be digital natives, can help or motivate their grannies to use computers and information and communication technologies.

The first Grandparents-Grandchildren Competition of Informatics took place in 2003 and 9 editions have been organized so far: in Budapest, in Kecskemét and Miskolc. The Grandparents-Grandchildren Informatics Competitions have proven that the connection of technology and human beings, not only allows the playful competition between generations, but promotes the development of the informatiot society.

Szervező: Inforum (Forum of the Hungarian IT Organisations for Information Society)

Inforum (Forum of the Hungarian IT Organisations for Information Society) is a non governmental organisation which aims at establishing and developing the information society in Hungary. Inforum represents the interests of business orientated and non-profit organisations working on the field of IT, of individuals and of IT users.

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