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The Generation Quiz: Opening up the dialogue for Zoetermeer's council employees



How can different generations work together successfully in the workplace? The council of the Dutch city of Zoetermeer realised that with the entry of young talent within the organisation and the increasing ageing of senior staff, different generations have to work more often together. A new dynamic has cropped up in the council – and while it offers opportunities for growth, it is also a challenge because differences between the generations can easily lead to conflict within the organisation.

Hence, the local council asked MSL Group in 2012 to open up the generation discussion through an interactive dialogue, in order to name possible differences and prejudices and to bundle the strengths of the four generations working together.

The solution implemented by the consultancy firm was the Generation Quiz workshop, which took place in November. The quiz consists of different rounds which use different game elements such as answering multiple choice questions and coming up with the most common generational prejudices.

By playing the quiz, employees learnt which generations are active in the workplace, what characterises them, as well as how they can strengthen each other. In addition, a direct link was made with adjacent themes such as organisational culture, talent management as well as the new work culture and change management during the event.

Promotor: MSL Netherlands

Consultancy firm specialised in helping companies and organisations achieve their goals by improving and protecting their reputation and increasing the involvement of their employees.

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