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WerkWijzer (Work Indicator) is a 3-minute online test launched in the Netherlands in 2011 which aims to:

1) Promote a correct perception of age and labour by inviting people to check if their images on age and employment are consistent with the reality;

2) Encourage people to resist and overcome prejudices about age, to believe in themselves, to find passions and qualities (of older employees) and to use the benefits of age.

The quick test consists on 12 questions/statements related to age and labour. Facts and fictions are mixed. Immediately after taking the test the participant receives a response factsheet with the results and an explanation of the right answer with references to research.

The instrument is addressed both at individuals and organisations, and can be used at sectoral/branch, national and international level.

Promotor: CAOP - Centre of Labour Relations in the Public Sector

CAOP is an independent not for profit corporation in the field of industrial relations and labour market policy in the public sector in the Netherlands. CAOP provides support and advice to social partners to improve the quality of labour in the public sector.

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