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SOŽITJE: Intergenerational solidarity and cooperation



The year-long project "SOŽITJE: Intergenerational solidarity and cooperation" worked primarily in the different areas associated with raising a family and improving communication within the family, as well as beyond. The campaign involved family members of all ages but with a special emphasis placed on the elderly.

Workshops, conferences, lectures, courses, meetings and trips were conducted and they served as a meeting point for the different generations. They also served the wider community. Evaluation meetings and surveys showed that these activities generated a change in behaviour among the participants. Communication between family members improved, which brought with it more understanding and greater awareness towards others. Another result shown by the evaluations was increased intergenerational cooperation in the family nucleus.

The project was implemented by different leadership organisations and volunteers. It promoted setting up the family as a vehicle for innovative social entrepreneurship, in order to increase activity among members of the older population, and generate new employment opportunities.

Great emphasis was placed also on the inclusion of older people in voluntary engagement and successful peer socialising.

Workshops were carried out five days a week from Monday to Friday. These activities were especially created for the European Year for Active Ageing and Solidarity between Generations 2012.

Tionscnóir: Youth Centre Prlekija

The Youth Centre Prlekija operates the first multimedia centre of the region as well as a family centre and Youth Hostel Prlekije. They are also working on a shelter for young victims of violence, ecological children/youth farm and living quarters for EVS volunteers.

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