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Pliegos of Yuste magazine special European Year 2012 edition



As a special commitment to the EY2012, the European Academy of Yuste Foundation will dedicate a special edition of its magazine Pliegos of Yuste (Multilingual Magazine of European and Cultural Thought) to the issue of Active Ageing and Solidarity between Generations in Europe. The magazine will be published in both digital ( and paper format late November / early December 2012.

The aim of the magazine is to raise awareness about the importance of European Integration and European values by fostering integration, collaboration, interculturalism and knowledge of important issues for European citizens.

Other activities carried out by the Foundation in the framework of the EY2012 have included the organisation of a meeting in Brussels in March 2012 with all Spanish regional offices to promote the European Year and its objectives; the General Assembly of ALMA (Latin American Academy of Medicine for the Elderly) in April 2012 in Salamanca and Yuste, Spain; as well as an international summer course on geriatrics in July 2012.

Furthermore, the European Academy of Yuste Foundation is committed to promoting the EY2012 in their region (Extremadura, Spain), through the Global Ageing Research Network (GARN) and the International Association of Gerontology and Geriatrics, as well as through all the Foundation’s activities by including the EY2012 logo in its web page and in all its material produced throughout the year.

Tionscnóir: The European Academy of Yuste Foundation

The European Academy of Yuste Foundation was established in 1992 as a permanent cultural foundation which promotes and spreads the historical and cultural roots of the peoples and nations that comprise present-day Europe.

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