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City of Helsinki - Managing People of Different Ages



According to the 2009-12 strategic programme, Helsinki aims to become a model town for the management of different age groups. In order to do so, local authorities are implementing various projects to help support peoples’ ability to work and to find effective management practices for citizens of different ages.

The objectives for the management of different age groups are:

  • to get young workers to remain in the service of the city
  • to support continuation in the workplace for employees at different stages of life
  • to improve the well-being of older people at work and to extend their working lives
  • to create a more age-conscious culture in the city that takes better notice of workers in different life situations and with different needs.

Currently ongoing projects include:

  • Action plan for ageing operative personnel (Rescue Services)
  • Active ageing pilot project for off-duty time (Social Services and Health Care)
  • Stydi project (Stara)
  • Mobilisation project (under the leadership of the Sports Department)
  • “City dudes get in shape” project (Sports Department)
  • Shift planning - approaching ergonomics and joint planning (Health Care)
  • Personalised bonus system project (Personnel Centre)

The City of Helsinki aims to make it easier for its staff to reconcile work with other aspects of life, for instance with flexible working hours, working remotely, independent shift planning, family time, and work rotation. The municipality makes special efforts to support the working ability of seniors. Older personnel are offered, for example, physical activity courses, flexi-time, redeployment, and retirement advice. Age is also taken into consideration in the bonus system. Other measures targeted at different age groups are induction, mentoring, and construction of career paths.

The City of Helsinki has also prepared a management action plan to promote fitness for work among different age groups.

With the help of working communities, a set of methodologies for the management of different age groups has been prepared, which includes models, guidelines and examples of how to implement practices. This set of methodologies will be introduced in early 2013.

The City of Helsinki was awarded on 13 November 2012 with the  European Year for Active Ageing and Solidarity between Generations Award in the category of Workplaces for All Ages.

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The City of Helsinki seeks to be a model for promoting an age-diverse workforce by getting everyone involved: from local sports centres, to health care providers and occupational services.

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