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AmaP - Improving access to Vocational Education and Training for older workers across Europe

Germany Germany Germany Germany Germany Germany /2012-/2014

Germany / Sweden / Poland / Portugal / United Kingdom / Greece

Age Management in Practice (AmaP) is a transnational project involving partners from 6 European countries which aims to address the challenge around access to, and participation in, Continuing Vocational Education and Training (CVET) among older workers aged 50+, and to increase awareness of the European Qualification Framework (EQF).

Launched in the European Year 2012, the project also considers the challenge of an ageing workforce through the lens of employers, seeking current views and attitudes towards older workers and promoting the implementation of age management practices.

The main objectives are to develop a learner engagement model for older workers aged 50+; to improve knowledge and awareness among older workers of the European Qualification Framework (EQF); to conduct an employer’s survey to measure awareness of the ageing workforce and attitudes towards older workers; to organise seminars for employers on age management and create a DVD of employer views.

This project will have a direct impact in four main areas:

1. Older workers who will be better informed of the value of lifelong learning and VET/CVET as well as developing a greater knowledge of the EQF framework. 

2. Employers will gain an insight into the challenges faced by older workers in accessing and participating in lifelong learning and VET/CVET as well as an understanding of the ageing workforce phenomenon. 

3. National agencies, policy makers and key stakeholders will be able to draw on project findings and use them to influence future strategies in the field of VET/CVET and older workers, thereby contributing directly to key policy agendas. 

4. Networks and social partners will also be able to use the project results to assist and inform members.

Vastuuorganisaatio: University of Strathclyde

Glasgow's University of Strathclyde has become internationally recognised for the quality of its educational programme and its expanding role in advising policy makers and business on age focussed issues.

Sponsor (s): Leonardo da Vinci's Lifelong Learning Programme
Yhteydenotot: Graham Smith: