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Ask the Scientists


Oslo(Norway )

Ask the Scientists ©

“Ask the scientists” is a project launched in 2012 by the Centre for Senior Policy in Norway in cooperation with the Fafo Institute for Labour and Social Research. The aim of the initiative is to make the knowledge and experiences of the Fafo Institute researchers available to whoever has a question.

Hence, the Centre for Senior Policy will organise throughout the European Year 2012 four online “Ask the scientists” meetings in its webpage. These e-meetings are mainly aimed at enterprises, HR personnel and social partners (employers and employee organisations), as well as public services in the field of active ageing.

The reports resulting from these exchanges will be summed up and posted online.

Time and themes:

  1. March - “Initiatives and measures in the workplace to prolong work careers and increase labour participation for the 55+ population”.
  2. June - “Adaptive measures in the workplace and health of older workers”.
  3. September - “Older workers and lifelong learning”.
  4. December - “Effects of the Norwegian pension reform on active ageing policies at enterprise level”.
Vastuuorganisaatio: Centre for Senior Policy (CSP)

A centre of expertise for the development of policies facilitating a good working environment and a good personnel policy for seniors. CSP is the national coordinator of the European Year 2012 in Norway.

Yhteistyökumppani(t): Fafo Institute for Labour and Social Research