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AGE cooks IN Luxembourg

Luxembourg 09/06/2012-09/06/2012


AGE cooks IN Luxembourg © Joe Zlomek

AGE cooks IN Luxembourg is an inter-generational cooking initiative taking place in June 9th 2012 with the objective to create a “Menu Duo d’Âge” (a two-age menu) between seniors and young citizens.

The two generations will be invited to transform traditional recipes into new, innovative dishes following the expectations of the younger generations.

This initiative aims to enable a constructive exchange of knowledge and experience using the interest in cooking and food as a vehicle to facilitate intergenerational dialogue.

The activity will take place in cooperation with the Vitarium of the dairy company Luxlait.

Promotor: AGE-IN Luxembourg

AGE-IN stands for "Alternative Generation Empowerment – Insourcing Concept". The organisation's aim is to connect elderly and younger people and to foster thereby an exchange between generations.

Contacto: Stephanie Sorvillo :