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Inclusive intergenerational family learning as a tool for lifelong learning

Poland Poland Poland Poland Poland Poland 06/2012-06/2014

Poland / Portugal / Italy / Greece / Hungary / Romania / Other

The multinational “Inclusive Intergenerational Family Learning Project “ launched in 2012 brings together a range of organisations that are promoting and supporting intergenerational learning, involving parents and grandparents in children's learning and enabling adults to address and develop their own learning skills (parenting skills, family relationships, health, democratic participation, increasing understanding of the children’s learning needs).

Among other activities, the project will launch a Family Learning Campaign to promote and support family learning events across the seven countries involved, motivating parents and grandparents to engage in lifelong learning. It will also develop a relevant curriculum for a family learning programme and create resources to facilitate opportunities to share good practices.

Several workshops will be organised in the course of this two-year project. The first one was held in October 2012 in Greece, “Trends and challenges in Generational Ageing”, followed by "Working and learning together. Skills for Life", in Italy in December. There will also be a number of “Sharing history: grandparents, parents and children, family tree” local workshops.

Promotor: Direct Association

Association created in 2009 in Bucharest, Romania, to support social, educational and cultural activities, encouraging the transnational circulation of artistic and cultural works, and enhance the intercultural dialogue.

Sponsor (s): Grundtvig Learning Partnership Project
Contacto: Ioana Sandru: