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Paelife - Personal Assistant to Enhance the Social Life of Seniors

France France France France

France / Poland / Portugal / Hungary

Paelife (Personal Assistant to Enhance the Social Life of Seniors) fights the problem of isolation and exclusion among the elderly. New solutions of Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) are making our relationship with computers, and technology in general, easier and more natural. Technology has impact in all aspects of our life, particularly in the way we grow older.

The Paelife team joins a consortium of 8 partners, located in Portugal, France, Hungary and Poland. The project’s main goal is to fight isolation and exclusion and to allow the elderly to be more productive, independent and to have a more social and fulfilling life by introducing a technology device that will be accepted and adopted in seniors’ lives - a virtual presence that can support social communication, learning and entertainment.

The official kick-off of the PaeLife collaborative project took place on the 28 February 2012, at INESC-ID (Lisbon). In the first six months of the project, Paelife collected data about the elderly population using questionnaires and hosting workshops in four different countries: Hungary, Poland, Portugal and France. The questionnaires and workshops gave the Paelife Project product developers valuable information about the target group. 

The developers used the results to create personas and scenarios that help determine which characteristics and scenarios are most effective and should be considered for the development and adaptation of technology. The idea was to have a clear picture on how to best fulfil the needs of the elderly population. 

As the project progresses, it will eventually achieve its ultimate goal of developing adapted products and services that can be used by the elderly population.

Promotor: MLDC – Microsoft Language Development Centre

MLDC was launched in 2005, integrated in the Portuguese Microsoft (MS) subsidiary. MLDC is the first MS R&D centre with the mission to bring key language component product development to Europe and neighbouring regions.

Contacto: Miguel Sales Dias: