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REACH - Promotion of Innovative Services and Better Access in Continuous Education

Finland Finland Finland /2010-06/2012

Finland / Lithuania / Iceland

The goal of REACH is to motivate the elderly and adults to participate actively and meaningfully in LLL (Life Long Learning) processes.

Partner organisations from Lithuania, Iceland and Finland came together between 2010 and 2012 to investigate and test innovative methods to promote elderly participation in the life long learning process.

After having shared adult learning situations in their countries and identifying the strong and weak points, it was agreed that the main problem in all countries was how to reach those who are not participating or rarely participating in learning/teaching activities. In order to change this, the project partners decided to pursue the following objectives:

1. To analyse and map different countries’ attitudes towards LLL: reasons for not participating, most popular programmes and learning forms, effective and ineffective marketing strategies.

2. To analyse and test different advertisement and marketing tools, in order to attract as many elderly and adult learners as possible from rural areas.

3. To improve, develop and test adult education programmes among selected groups (content and forms of delivery).

4. To create and maintain local networks of different organisations to support and promote project ideas.

5. To take an active role in disseminating project ideas from the very beginning till the end.

The Modern Didactics Centre also worked with REACH to deliver short seminars (up to 2 hours) during the last part of this year. They presented digital stories created by seniors with the assistance of computer technology trainers.

The project was supported by the Nordic Council of Ministers and the Nordplus Framework Programme.

Promotor: Modern Didactics Centre

Modern Didactics Centre is non-profit, non-governmental organisation for continuing adult education and in-service training. One of their centre’s working area is the preparation and dissemination of in-service training programs for adults in various professions as well as planning and implementation of local and international projects.

Socio(s): Pirkanmaa Westcome Adult Education Unit
Sudurnes Center for Education
Sudurnes Comprehensive College
Contacto: Daiva Penkauskienė: