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Developing solidarity between generations of workers in the banking sector

Spain Spain Spain Spain Spain Spain

Spain / Malta / Italy / Cyprus / Hungary / Romania

“Developing solidarity between generations of workers” is a project which aims to select and encourage best practices in partner countries, to raise awareness and to turn the theme of “solidarity between generations of workers” into collective bargaining agreements in the banking sector.

Some of the best practices selected include expansive solidarity contracts, agreement on "social hours" and solidarity funds for income support, employment, redeployment, retraining of employees by all participating companies.

Set up in the framework of the European Year 2012 by the Italian trade union organisation FIBA CISL, the dissemination of the project has so far had positive direct results: the First Phase was approved by FBA (Banking and Insurance Fund, the fund between the Italian Banking Association and Unions for sector training) for those over 55.

The Second Phase was launched on 5 December, and will fund preliminary activities of companies related to the study, analyse the needs and expected results of the training, as well as support training projects of ongoing training and retraining of workers and workers over 55. 10 million Euros have been allocated to this second phase which will last 9 months. Another notice for apprentices will be issued shortly.

Promotor: Italian Bank and Insurance Federation (FIBA/ CISL)

FIBA/ CISL is a trade union organisation representing bank and insurance employees. It is the most representative Italian trade union organisation of the financial sector. FIBA is involved in many European projects.

Sponsor (s): European Commission - DG Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion
Contacto: Pier Luigi Ledda: