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CreActiv: Art-based activities as tools to enhance solidarity between generations

Belgium Belgium Belgium Belgium Belgium Belgium Belgium /2012-/2014

Belgium / Lithuania / Latvia / Poland / Italy / Greece / Romania

The CreActiv (Create Active Ageing) project aims to use art-based activities as tools to enhance cooperation and solidarity between the generations and increase social participation of seniors.

The two-year transnational project launched during the European Year 2012 involves 9 partners in 7 countries, who will encourage senior learners to participate in local art workshops and exchange their experiences during international meetings, where they will have a chance to meet their contemporaries from partner countries and discover other cultures.

The project includes debates, workshops, performances, exhibitions, a joint festival, preparation of teaching material, the creation of a website and several meetings of the participating organisations.

The goal of the project is to increases public awareness on the importance of art as a tool for social and educational work (especially with seniors) which helps to increase their self-confidence, build bridges between generations, increase tolerance and inclusion. CreActiv also intends to be a platform for professionals to share their experiences.

Promoter: Akademia Plus 50

Non-profit organisation established in 2008 focussed on the promotion of cultural and social activities for seniors and groups at risk of exclusion.

Sponsor (s): Grundtvig Learning Partnership Project
Contact: Jolanta Wolagiewicz: