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Q-AGEING: Quality ageing in urban environment

Germany Germany Germany Germany Germany 12/2008-01/2012

Germany / Poland / Slovenia / Italy / Hungary

Q-AGEING is a European transnational project focused on creating better conditions to enable active ageing by developing actions which belong to the competences and legal responsibilities of local/regional authorities. Therefore the actions are concentrated on public services and urban living environment.

Q-AGEING partners have demonstrated during their 3-years long cooperation the significant actual and potential contribution that older people can make to the society through a final set of pilot projects tested in various Central European regions.

The specific objective of the project is to tackle the ageing problem in two main overarching fields of importance: improvement and adaptation of public services and improvement of the daily urban living environment in accordance to the changing lifestyles and needs of an ageing urban society with the aim to achieve better social integration and reduce segregation.

Q-AGEING partners have summed up their experiences during the project in the "Toolbox of tested solutions promoting active ageing at local level". The Toolbox is a list of easy-to-understand actions, developed and tested by the Q-AGEING partners (cities, regions and institutions from Germany, Hungary, Italy, Poland and Slovenia). These actions may be developed or implemented in any European city or region.

As a commitment to the European Year for Active Ageing and Solidarity between Generations 2012, Q-AGEING will celebrate on March 2nd in Vienna the “Central European Good Practice Fair: Promoting active ageing at local level”.

Besides the best practices of the Q-AGEING project, speakers representing different transnational cooperation projects from the EU will inform the audience about useful and efficient local approaches, which could be easily adapted in other cities or regions. The fair will host four thematic workshops that will investigate into issues at stake related to the different contexts of active ageing:

  1. How to improve social security for elderly within the community and how to avoid isolation
  2. How to improve elderly friendly public spaces and mobility
  3. How to foster senior economy and promote age-management
  4. How to provide better access to lifelong learning and promote voluntarism for elderly
Promoter: Municipality of Újbuda (Budapest)

Újbuda, the 11th district of Budapest, is one of the most diverse quarters of the Hungarian capital. Committed to become the “flagship” in Hungary in active ageing, the  Municipality of Újbuda is the lead partner of  Q-AGEING and has launched the Újbuda 60+ Programme, focusing on elderly through voluntary initiatives and on the creation of community networks.

Partner(s): Centre for Developments in Civil Society (ZZE)
Human Resource Development Centre - Economic Institute Maribor
Municipality of Genova
Municipality of Maribor
Municipality of Slovenska Bistrica
Municipality of Sopot
Province of Treviso
Sponsor (s): Central Europe Programme
Contact: Ferenc Szigeti-Böröcz: