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Live Healthy, Stay Healthy - Activity trails for seniors in Hanau and Darmstadt



In July 2011, under the motto "Live Healthy, Stay Healthy", the Hessian State Government launched a three-month pilot project in Hanau and Darmstadt to test activity trails specifically targeted to physically inactive seniors. The results were analysed and found very positive: participants reported newfound mobility, greater security in everyday life and a greater integration in social activates. The use of devices supported the strengthening of the circulation, coordination and agility.

In addition to the option of independently using the courses, guided training classes specifically for seniors were offered several times a week. These served to reduce the fear of using the devices and to demonstrate how to correctly perform the exercises. It also helped the volunteer seniors to establish new social contacts.

As a result of this pilot test, a guide for the establishment of activity trails for seniors was developed in 2012. The document provides practical instructions on how to design and operate one of these open-air trails for seniors.

The document was sent to all Hessian municipalities and senior organisations, and also presented nationwide.

Promoter: Ministry of Social Affairs - Hessen

The Hessian Ministry of Social Affairs aims to achieve a social policy that applies and appeals to all generations, working in initiatives concerning the areas of family, employment protection, labour market, health and policies regarding women, seniors, disabled people and inmigrants.

Contact: Catharina Maulbecker-Armstrong: