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ETNA - New approaches in Art education for seniors

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Belgium / Czech Republic / Germany / Poland / United Kingdom / Bulgaria

ETNA - New approaches in Art education for seniors © EEG

In the ETNA project (Exploring Technologies and New approaches in Art education for senior adults) six organizations from across Europe are collaborating to achieve the same objective: to work with seniors and offer them an opportunity to explore art, mainly contemporary works, through interactive methods in their home countries as well as abroad. This project contributes to the active ageing, intercultural dialog and will raise citizens’ competencies and skills in the fields of culture and technology.

Launched in the European Year for Active Ageing and Solidarity between Generations 2012, ETNA aims to directly contribute to the efforts to find innovative solutions for addressing the demographic challenge and creating an age-friendly European Union allowing all citizens to lead more active and independent lives for longer. The project aims to foster solidarity between citizens, cultural identities and generations and to enable the active participation and involvement of all age groups in society while providing them with adequate support and protection.

Partner institutions consist of educational departments of museums, focusing on cultural education and acting as platforms for working with art and technology, e-learning and internet communication. The diversity of partners guarantees benefit for the adult education sector by exchanging and sharing experiences, new methods and approaches.

The huge number of learners, from seniors with special needs from disadvantages areas, through adults with a deep interest in art, to people from retirement homes, and ageing teachers, are encouraged to actively participate in cultural life in their regions. The local programmes (workshops, interactive visits of museums, didactical lessons...) will focus on topics specific to each organisation that meet the common objectives of the project. Learners will meet and interact with trainers and artists, as well as with groups of younger people, and will be encouraged to lead intergenerational as well as interdisciplinary dialog using the art as a method and a common field of interest.

The international dimension of the project leads to the exploring of multiculturalism and directly incites an active life (participating in transnational meetings). It also offers seniors the opportunity to learn new technologies and to use them in practice for international communication.

This project is a real challenge and opportunity to explore art in innovative and amusing ways with seniors. The ETNA project gathers different partner countries with different approaches toward senior citizens and different standards regarding use of new technologies and the internet.

With the focus on contemporary art, participating partners want to focus on the realities of the present world, to underline an importance of all generations in today’s society and contribute to the campaign against excluding disadvantage citizens. The ETNA project brings together current artists, different generations, disciplines and cultures.

Promoter: mu-zee-um vzw

The association, mu-zee-um vzw, wants to provide opportunities for kids, youngsters and adults to consider, reflect, express and create the world that surrounds us on a cultural/artistical base.

Sponsor (s): LifeLong Learning Programme - European Commission
Contact: Ewout Vanhoecke: