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Intergenerational learning through the exchange of food traditions

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France / Austria / Lithuania / United Kingdom / Italy

Appetite for Learning Comes with Eating (ALCE) is an international project launched in December 2012 aiming to promote the development of intercultural and intergenerational dialogue and the acquisition of key competences (literacy, civic, entrepreneurial) of senior and young women through the exchange of food traditions and natural curative methods.

The project activities include a learning part for direct target groups, cultural events, the creation of a book gathering traditional recipes and remedies and the creation of a pedagogical manual on innovative approaches to stimulating intergenerational and intercultural learning.

ALCE seeks to:

  • improve key competencies of local senior women aged 60+ and young immigrant women between 18 and 40 years old
  • enhance the transmission to European communities of women's knowledge on non-tangible heritage such as food traditional recipes & natural curative methods
  • break the social isolation of groups suffering of multiple discrimination
  • increase awareness in decision makers about the importance of recognition & validation of key competences

This two years international project involves five partners: CESIE (Italy), MEH- Merseyside Expanding Horizons (England), VM-Verein Multikulturell (Austria), Elan Interculturell (France) and SIC- Senior Initiative Center (Lithuania).

Promoter: CSEIE

CESIE is a non-profit organisation promoting social development through innovative education projects at local, EU & international levels.

Contact: Maja Brkusanin: