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Outil-Ages Transnational: active ageing in companies and managerial practices

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France / Belgium / Czech Republic / Finland / Poland

For the occasion of the European Year for Active Ageing and Solidarity between Generations 2012, the DIRECCT- Val d’Oise Territorial Unit got involved with partners from Belgium, Finland, Poland and the Czech Republic to sensitise line managers to the topic of active ageing and managing teams from different generations. To accomplish this objective, French and trans-national partners developed:

  1. Methods for benchmarking behaviour: A diagnostic process, easy and user-friendly, that allows a manager to benchmark his or her own behaviour with regard to active ageing issues. This diagnostic is informative and does not focus on evaluation. It is composed of 17 managerial situations covering main areas of human resource management: recruitment, anticipation of professional evolution, competence development, improving work conditions, knowledge transfer, and work to retirement transitioning.
  2. Methods for identifying benefits and risks for sustainable performance: A personalised feedback document allows the manager to benchmark his or her own managerial practices and compare them with other contributions in regard to active ageing. The manager can then plan his or her actions by taking into account the risks and benefits that their own managerial practices bring to workers' individual performances, the team’s performance and the company’s performance.

The benchmarking tool (diagnostic and accompanying feedback document) and explanatory documents are available online.

Promoter: DIRECCTE – Val d’Oise Territorial Unit

The territorial units of DIRECCTE (Regional Directorate for Companies, Competition, Consumption, Work and Employment) are responsible for the implementation of policies set by government into each French department.

Contact: Hakim Kamouche: