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Launched in February 2011 is a social network for Lithuanian elderly. The main idea of the initiative is to keep it simple, in order to make it easy to use and understand by seniors. The architecture and structure of the network is so clear that it can be easily used without having a broad technology knowledge and practice.

There are only 6 main functions in

  1. Internal email system.
  2. Instant messenger.
  3. Possibility to upload photos and to edit a personal photo gallery.
  4. Possibility to upload videos and edit a video gallery.
  5. Possibility to write a personal blog and share it with friends.
  6. Search system to find new friends.

The network has about 1,000 registered users.

Promoter: Socialinės atsakomybės projektai

Socialinės atsakomybės projektai (Social responsibility projects) aims to promote new technologies and scientific innovations as a way to contribute to fulfill the social and educational needs of socially vulnerable groups.

Contact: Paulius Sluškonis: