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DeTales - Digital Education Through Adult Learners EU-Enlargement Stories

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Germany / Lithuania / United Kingdom / Italy / Hungary / Bulgaria / Other

DeTales - Digital Education Through Adult Learners EU-Enlargement Stories, is a project which supports the process of European integration by actively involving adults, especially seniors, mature employees and low-skilled adults, from the oldest EU members Italy, Germany and UK to interact with ones from newer EU members Lithuania, Hungary, Bulgaria and Turkey through sharing stories using low cost digital devices (see here list of partners). 

The Digital Storytelling formula is to produce a personal narrative story of about two minutes, using a collection of the storyteller’s own photographs. The method is an opportunity to share the life experiences trough an informal approach and to give greater value to the personal memory. Spanning from December 2010 to the end of 2012, DeTales' objectives are:

  • to create training materials to support the cohesion of adults from EU countries by transferring knowledge on EU-enlargement topics

  • to improve digital competences

  • to raise civic competences

  • to encourage inter-cultural dialogue among EU members

  • to encourage adults to use the training materials on their own

  • to encourage participation of disadvantage people in lifelong learning (LLL).

In the framework of European Year 2012, DeTales published a Digital Storytelling (DS) guide training manual on “How to use the tools: guide for authors and trainers”. DeTales was also featured in the “ICT for seniors’ and intergenerational learning” booklet presented at the 2012 EDEN Conference “Closing the Gap from Generation Y to the Mature Lifelong Learners” in June 2012 in Porto.

Further 2012 and future plans include the dissemination to other countries of the non formal DeTales approach of digital storytelling in informal and formal learning.

Promoter: Istituto Luigi Sturzo

The Istituto Luigi Sturzo is committed to the preservation and valorisation of cultural heritage. It carries out training activities and develops innovative ideas to ensure the accessibility of cultural heritage to a wide range of target groups such as seniors, students, professionals and groups at risk.

Sponsor (s): LifeLong Learning Programme - European Commission
Contact: Fabrizio Melorio: